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Engineering- and Environmental Geophysics
industrial brownfields, military hazardous sites, abandoned waste, landfill sites, search for cables, land development sites, sheet pile finding, traffic routes, unexploded ordnance, drums, cavities, vibration monitoring according to DIN 4150, …

Prospecting for Mass Deposits
gravel, sand, gypsum, ores, …

Groundwater Prospecting / Hydrogeological Consultancy
drinking water, mineral- and thermal water, …

Archaeological Prospection
walls, foundations, ditches, hollows, graves, cavities, metal objects, …

assessments, geophysical studies, planning geophysical surveys, efficiency studies, training, seminars, …

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Seismics base on measuring travel times of seismic waves, that propagate through subsurface with material specific velocities. The seismic waves are excited by seismic sources as hammer, accelerated weight drop or explosives.

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Geoelectric methods are used to determine the electric resistivity of the subsurface. The common measurement procedure is 2D-Geoelectrics. Geoelectric sounding, mapping and IP-measurements are applied as well.

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GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) methods allow near-subsurface exploration with high horizontal and vertical resolution. Electromagnetic radar waves are emitted in the subsoil, where they are reflected or scattered by buried objects. Common frequencies of GPR electromagnetic waves reach from megahertz (MHz) up to gigahertz (GHz) range.

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Magnetic prospection is based on measurement of the Earth’s natural magnetic field. Ferrous objects or other magnetic potent structures cause a measurable distortion (anomaly) of the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Electromagnetic methods are used to determine electric conductivity of the subsurface. There are two-coil systems and time-domain systems (transient electromagnetics).

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Gravimetry is used to survey the gravity field of the Earth. A precondition to succeed is an exact altimetry.

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During construction and demolition projects ground vibrations potentially cause impact to surrounding structures and services. To prevent time- and cost-intensive judicial proceedings the monitoring of occurent vibrations is essential for executing companies.

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